Olivia Dunne's Drama With TikTok Lookalike Breckie Hill Explained - Nicki Swift (2024)

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Olivia Dunne's Drama With TikTok Lookalike Breckie Hill Explained

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Olivia Dunne's Drama With TikTok Lookalike Breckie Hill Explained - Nicki Swift (4)

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There's some beef between gymnast Olivia Dunne and TikToker Breckie Hill, and it all started because they look alike. Let's start with Dunne, who's the more famous of the two. The Louisiana State University student has mastered the art of capitalizing on her looks and athleticism to create a successful career that goes far beyond her college experience. Her career exploded after the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) allowed student athletes to make money off their person thanks to a reworking of their Name, Image and Likeness policy.

However, Dunne became embroiled in controversy whenThe New York Timescriticized her, claiming she over-sexualized herself on social media and that her online presence was regressive for female athletes. Dunne shot backas did pro-golfer Paige Spiranac. "I'm so sick of women belittling [the] accomplishments of other women because it's done differently than they would. @livvydunne is getting hate for making 2 million a year," Spiranac tweeted. "She's built a successful business (at 20) all while being a student-athlete. That's badass."

While other athletes came to Dunne's defense, her drama with Hill has less to do with sports and sexuality and more to do with a doppelgänger-based rivalry that's played out entirely online. Both women are active on TikTok and Instagram, and it was here that fans started pointing out how much Hill looked like Dunne. Hill hammed it up a little by posting photos similar to Dunne's and the LSU gymnast ended up blocking Hill. So, here's the nitty gritty behind their drama.

Breckie Hill copies Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne's Drama With TikTok Lookalike Breckie Hill Explained - Nicki Swift (5)


Breckie Hill and Olivia Dunne have been embroiled in an online feud that started primarily because both women are blonde, athletic, and look very similar. Hall also wasn't entirely shy about mimicking some of Dunne's more popular Instagram poses. Dunne posted a photo of herself in bed in July 2021 wearing her hair pulled back with a claw clip and the backdrop was accented by lavender colored lighting. Later, Hill posted a photo in bed with her hair pulled back by a claw clip and a purple color palette in the background.

Fans were quick to notice this and called out Hill for copying Dunne, who goes by the nickname Livvy online. "Wait, is this a remake of that Livvy pic?" one fan asked. "Why you copying livvy?" another asked. "I see the livvy reference," another added. In the never-ending saga of women being compared to each other, fans also commented on the fact that Hill appears to be bustier than Dunne and the phrase "Livvy with cannons" has become common in Hill's comments.

Something about this upset Dunne, who blocked Hill. In response, Hill posted a video on TikTok and said, "Okay, I'm going to be addressing the Livvy situation this once." Hill showed that Dunne blocked her and said she doesn't know why and isn't sure why the gymnast is upset. Naturally, the comments were full of theories. "The 'Livvy with Canons' comment is the reason lmao," someone wrote, though who knows if that's true.

Breckie Hill said she'd slap Olivia Dunne

Breckie Hill took things a step further when she was being interviewed by Lofeand said she'd slap Olivia Dunne. Hill admitted that she had beef with Dunne. "She's such a b***h," Hill said. "Also, every single person that's met her has been like, 'Oh, she's so mean in person.'" When the interviewer made reference to the phrase "Livvy with cannons," Hill laughed and said, "Yea, that's what she got pissed about. She's like, 'You're body shaming me.'" Hill then went on to claim that Dunne and her friends bullied her and called Hill a "dupe" and "a Walmart version" of Dunne.

One of the men in the interview suggested that the two women have a gymnastics competition, and Hill, who has done gymnastics before, pointed out that Dunne "does gymnastics for a living." Then one of the interviewers asked if Hill would slap Dunne if she was there, and Hill said "yes." Honestly, what kinds of questions are these?

Fans weren't really falling for the beef, though, and several pointed out that Hill's career on social media launched because of how much she looks like Dunne. "Olivia is the reason people even know who Breckie is... she got 'popular' off LOOKING like Olivia," someone commented. "[Livvy] is a millionaire, division 1 college athlete, and one of the most famous influencers on tiktok. this girl is embarrassing herself beyond words rn," another added. Clearly, many felt like the feud was largely coming from Hill for clout.


Olivia Dunne's Drama With TikTok Lookalike Breckie Hill Explained - Nicki Swift (2024)


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