2006 Workhorse Custom Chassis Motorhome Chassis W22 For Sale in Riverview, FL Lot #60289*** (2024)

How do I register to bid?

You can register to bid by entering your information on this page. You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address and doing so is required in order to place a bid. If you don’t see the email, make sure to check your spam or junk folder as these emails often are labeled incorrectly as spam.

After registering, If US or Canada resident please submit your government-issued photo ID, if you're a resident from another country, please submit your passport, as this must be on file in order to bid.

How does the bidding process work?

The bidding process is strictly done online, and is divided in two parts: Preliminary Bidding and Live Bidding.

Preliminary Bidding

In SalvageReseller.com you can place preliminary bids, or pre-bids, prior to and during the live auction, as late as two minutes or two units before the vehicle appears on the block. When you pre-bid, you place an incremental value bid on the vehicle prior to the sale. Your pre-bid will be represented during the live auction and could be the winning bid if no other bidder submits a higher bid during either the pre-bid phase or the live auction. Note that when there is a tie between pre-bid and live bid amounts, the virtual (live) bidder prevails as the highest bidder on the item. Pre-bidding is open to all SalvageReseller.com Members who meet minimum deposit requirements.

Live Bidding

From the Live Auctions menu, click on Join Auctions and bid from your computer by selecting from one of the automatic increment options or choosing your own bid amount (Monster Bid). Compete against other Members to become the high bidder, and if your bid is the highest when the circular, dynamic countdown timer stops, you win the sale of the vehicle.

At this point, Sellers who have placed a minimum bid or declared the vehicle Sold on Approval can directly counter bid the high bidder after the sale ends. Even when Sellers don’t counter bid on these vehicles, the high bid on an offer remains open to acceptance by the Seller until 6 p.m. the next business day after the sale.

Buy it Now

Bypass the bidding on certain vehicles labeled as Buy It Now. Though you can still bid on these vehicles if you wish, buyers can also purchase them immediately for a predetermined price. After clicking Buy Now button you will be redirected to a page with the invoice which you have to pay within 3 working days. If the invoice is not paid, to us in the form of a wire transfer or direct deposit within 3 working days, the lot will relist, you will lose the Security Deposit and pay a Cancelation Fee. So make sure ahead of time that you have enough funds to pay for the vehicle you plan to purchase.

How much is the buyer's fees?

The buyer pays Copart Auction Fees and Broker Fees. The final sale price does not include Copart Auction Fees or our broker fees." but actually put it like this "The final sale price does not include Copart Auction Fees or our broker fee. In addition to the final sales price the buyer pays Copart Auction Fees and our Broker Fee.

Copart Auction Fees

Copart Auto Auction fees vary based on the final sales price of the vehicle, please visit the fees tab here.

SalvageReseller.com Broker Fee

Our broker fee is 5% of the final sales price, with a minimum fee of $250. If you are a Florida resident or Canada resident buying a vehicle in Canada the minimum fee is $350. The fee for sales higher than $100,000 is capped at $5,000. We do not charge document fees.

Storage and Late Payment fees

If the vehicle price and all applicable fees are not completely paid within 3 business days of purchase, including the sale day, Copart will charge a late payment fee of $50.00 per vehicle. If a vehicle is not removed from the Copart yard within the first three days of purchase (including the day of purchase), storage will be charged on weekends and holidays unless the weekend or holiday occurs within the first three days. Storage rates may vary by location and can be found here.

All fees are not negotiable and can change without notice.

What is the condition of the vehicles?

This is a very important question. We sell mostly salvage title vehicles from insurance companies. It's also important to note that not all salvage cars for sale are in bad shape, some vehicles are "totaled" by the insurance companies only because it was believed that the repair costs were greater than the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle, but even if the vehicle holds a clean title you must expect some damage. Please be aware that if you're looking for a car in perfect condition, we might not be the right website for you.

We encourage buyers to inspect the vehicles even BEFORE registering with us. You are buying the vehicle "AS IS - WHERE IS", "with all faults" and without any warranty or guarantee of any type, express or implied. The buyer is responsible for ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and investigate a vehicle and any information regarding such vehicle prior to bidding on it. You will be happy with your purchase based on your research and expectations.

How do I inspect the vehicles?

We encourage all our buyers to visit the Copart facility where the vehicle is stored and inspect it, you can do this even before registering with us. To inspect a vehicle you just have to register for a free/basic membership with Copart.com and it will allow you to enter the yard. If you click on the image or lot number for a vehicle that you’re interested in, it will navigate you to the page with the information for the vehicle, including the location. Click on “location” and it will give you the address and phone number for the yard where that vehicle is stored. We apologize, but we do not have any additional vehicle information, other than what is on the vehicle information page. Please contact the yard prior to visiting.

What is the Security Deposit for?

The security deposit protects SalvageReseller.com should you fail to pay for the vehicle you purchased, as we are responsible for ensuring payment of awarded vehicles to Copart. The security deposit must be a minimum of $400 or 10% of the bid amount (whichever is higher), as the amount of your deposit limits the amount of your bid. You forfeit your security deposit if you are awarded a vehicle and do not meet all payment terms and conditions. The security deposit is refunded if you do not purchase a vehicle or if you request it upon meeting all payment terms. The security deposit CANNOT be used to pay for vehicles and must be paid in full before you are allowed to bid.

How can I increase my Security Deposit?

You will need to login to SalvageReseller.com to increase your deposit. The password you received when you registered will be the password you will use to login to our website. Once you login to our website you can increase your deposit, you need to have $400 in security deposit or 10% of your maximum offer and if you need to bid on a second vehicle every $600 you add to the deposit will allow you to bid on another vehicle.

What forms of payment do you accept for vehicle purchases?

We ONLY accept wire transfers or direct deposit to our Bank of America account. The account information will be sent to you as a PDF attachment to your email labeled Purchase Confirmation or Payment Information. You MUST notify us when you send a vehicle payment. We DO NOT accept credit cards, Money Gram or Western Union for the final payment of the vehicle. You cannot make a payment at Copart. Payment made to Copart will result in additional penalty fees and the closing of your account.

Do you offer shipping?

We do not provide shipping services. However, for your convenience you can use the uShip shipping estimate located on our website. By using uShip shipping estimates you will always find cheaper services than the transportation services offered by other brokers. We are not affiliated with them, this service is a courtesy. Also, we recommend that you contact your local DMV for your country or state for information on what vehicles are acceptable for export.

When can I remove the vehicle I purchased?

The wire transfer can take 1-3 hours to show as available. Please be advised that if you deposit a cashier’s check, money order, or regular check, the bank will take 24hrs to make the funds available in our account for payment, and we can only pay Copart once the payment is available to us, not when you send it. For international transfers, please verify with your bank how long it may take for it to be available. Again, if you pay at the Copart yard you will be penalized and your account can be closed.

Once the full payment is received, and your vehicle documents are signed electronically, we'll notify you and you can remove the vehicle from the Copart yard. In no circ*mstances you are allowed to drive the vehicle off the lot, you have to send a transportation company to pick up the vehicle.

Can I put the title under someone else's name?

No. All titles are made out to the account holder. If the account holder requests to change the name on the title, we only accept written request via email. Only direct family member, with the same last name, can be added as owner. If you will like to add a non-family member, the person can only be added as a Co-owner.

How do I close my account?

If you would like to cancel your account, be sure to call us or email us BEFORE the subscription renews to cancel it. You will not receive the refund of your deposit automatically; you need to request it and you will have to wait up to 7 business days for it to be available in your credit card. Refunds of deposits over 90 days are subject to additional fees.

2006 Workhorse Custom Chassis Motorhome Chassis W22 For Sale in Riverview, FL Lot #60289*** (2024)


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